Is This the Back of the iPhone 6?

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Australian blog MacFixIt has gotten its hands on what it claims is the upcoming iPhone 6, leaked by "sources inside the supply chain"— and it seems to reaffirm the shape hinted at by earlier rumors.


The leaked rear chassis purports to be from the 4.7-inch model—the smaller of two devices rumored to be planned for launch this fall. So far, no leaks of the larger device have surfaced.

This piece of metal, resplendent in protective wrapping—you can make out a flash of silver if you look carefully—shares features shown in images leaked by Sonny Dickinson earlier this month. It has two distinct antenna breaks at the top and bottom, rounded corners, a circular cutout for the LED flash, and a larger overall size than the current iPhone 5s.

Of course, the veracity of this rear chassis is up for debate—and we've long enough until the fall for Apple to release something quite different, because it certainly won't appear at next week's Worldwide Developers' Conference. Sadly, we'll just have to wait see. But you will be able to catch everything else Apple on our WWDC live blog next Monday. [MacFixit via 9to5Mac]



Funnily enough, I could have told you that it would look like that if you asked me.