Is This the First Video of the Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich?

Once the leaks start they just keep on coming. A Romanian site has scooped up some video of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and more than anything it gives us our first real look at Ice Cream Sandwich.


If this is real what the hell is it doing in Romania, you ask? Good question, but way back in June it was Samsung Romania who all but confirmed the Nexus Prime (which we now believe will be called the Galaxy Nexus) on their Twitter feed.

The device we see looks much like what the rumors suggested. It looks as if hardware buttons are, indeed, no more, and those standard Android navigation buttons are now are part of the screen. It seems like it was done in a pretty clever way, so it won't look/feel much different from the Android 2.x experience, but it'll give us more screen real estate. There's also no dedicated search button anymore, but it seems to be replaced by a dedicated search bar at the top of the screen (I may miss the button). Ice Cream Sandwich looks more Honeycomb than Gingerbread, and we don't get a truth deep look into the OS, but it certainly seems to be a fast and smooth experience that would look right at home on a tablet or a phone.

What do you think, is this the real thing? Some skepticism is still warranted, as this could be yet another Honeycomb port that a developer has tinkered with, but this device looks a lot bigger than the Nexus S and it doesn't have hardware buttons. I'm going to go out on a limb and bet this is the real thing. What were you expecting from Ice Cream Sandwich? Does this stoke your fire or throw water on it? [ and BGR]

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Yawn. With the iPhone 4S, the hardware was pretty much an incremental upgrade so they needed to add some wow to the software side. With the Prime, I'm not expecting any surprises from the hardware, but I suspect the software side is going to be extremely underwhelming. C'mon, we're talking about Google. I am drawn to the hd amoled screen, which is only available from Samsung.

Software-wise, the ONLY thing I'm looking forward to is the task-switching and so far that looks half-ass compared to WebOS. As for the UI, it's pretty much the same UI that came with my G1. Sure, it has color tweaks and 3d-effects but it's still the same desktop metaphor. Well, maybe Google will have some surprising backend services to announce (siri competitor?).

I'm unsure how I feel about the buttons being virtual and software controlled. Do we have to yank the battery if a full-screen app, like the camera, crashes? I hope I don't have to go back to the homescreen to use the task switch button, which would make it less useful. The capacitive buttons on my wife's vibrant are sometimes unresponsive when in mid-task. I'm sure the Prime will find a way to bitrot itself to a state where you need to mash the on-screen buttons in frustration.