Is This the Most Beautiful Airplane Ever Created? I Say Yes (Updated)

I recently flew a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk from World War II (with three kills). It was a beautiful experience in a beautiful plane, but it pales in comparison with the P-51 Mustang. Watch and enjoy this amazing classic airplane porn.


There's something about this plane that goes beyond the sum of its parts. It's combination of sublime design and power made it the most beautiful lethal weapon ever created. And the most beautiful prop plane ever. It's a pleasure to see it photographed in this way, with perfect camera work.

Obviously, it's an ad for watch manufacturer Breitling. I don't care about the watch, but I want to spend the rest of my life going to dates with girls on my shiny P-51. Because I'm an immature boy like that. And because, well, because f*ck reality. [Thank you, Jorge!]

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Update: the producers of the Breitling ad sent me the behind the scenes video. More aircraft porn!



I'll agree that the P-51 would be in my top 10 list, but it wouldn't be number 1.