Is This the New Palm Pre II?

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French site MobiFrance claims that this is the new Palm Pre II. It looks almost the same as the previous model but, according to them, the renewed WebOS 2.0 smartphone will come with a 1GHz processor and 512MB of RAM.


If this is true, I'm underwhelmed. After HP purchased Palm, I was really hoping for something better, fully touch-based, with a better high resolution screen, and with a new slim design. Perhaps this is just an update to the old model, and we should expect something more exciting for CES2011. Something like the rumored 960 x 640-pixel touchscreen Roadrunner HD.

We will know about the Palm Pre II soon enough: MobiFrance claims that the Palm Pre II launch is imminent. [MobiFrance]


Damnit. what part of "better hardware" do they not understand?