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Is This the Next LG Nexus Phone?

Illustration for article titled Is This the Next LG Nexus Phone?

We've already heard that the next Nexus phone will be made by LG and be kinda, sorta similar to the powerful LG Optimus G but this might be the first time we're getting a good look at it. A gallery of photos of an LG Android phone that looks like the Optimus G and runs stock Android has popped up at XDA developers. Could this be the next Nexus?


As you can see in the LG phone's About screen, it mentions that the model number is 'Full JellyBean on Mako'. What the heck does that mean? Android Central notes that previous Nexus devices' internal names have carried a fish theme and Mako is a type of shark.

Illustration for article titled Is This the Next LG Nexus Phone?

This mystery phone certainly looks a lot like the Optimus G and if it's really the next Nexus, those gnarly rumored specs running stock Android would make for a pretty awesome phone. How do you guys like it? [XDA Developers via Android Central]

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Yep, looks like an LG. No style, no detail, just a black rectangle. I liked the curve of the previous Galaxy phones; shame that's gone.

And as a side note, why can't anyone ever take clear pictures of a "leaked" device? Seriously, I can almost read the serial number on the Sharper Image air purifier in the background, why can't he focus on the phone?