Is This the Real Reason Apple Is Stiffing Best Buy on iPad 2s?

Hearsay about Apple putting the kibosh on Best Buy's iPad 2 sales remains hearsay—but if it is true, Gear Live thinks they know why: Best Buy employees (and friends) abusing their sweet trade-in program.


Best Buy employees are allegedly eligible for an extended warranty that entitle them to a total trade-in—iPad 1 for an iPad 2, simple as that—no need to "buy" a new iPad. Great if you're a Best Buy employee! Bad if you're Apple, which fetishizes its sales data, and certainly loves its enormous tablet hegemony whenever it's time to talk numbers. Whether this is occurring on a large enough scale to jeopardize Best Buy's entire relationship with Apple, however, seems kinda dubious. [Gear Live]

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I work at best buy right now; and to my knowledge; this isn't true at all.

We're actually forbidden from buying new iPad 2's from our stores for 90+ days after launch due to Apple policies; We had a lot of people at our store go down to the ATT store across the street to buy them on launch day because we simply weren't allowed to do so, even if off-the-clock; it's simply not allowed. Customers come first.

In addition, we've been given strict instructions to first cover people's preorders, and then sell remaining stock; first-come customers of course, come first.

The reason to my knowledge is that iPads/iPad 2s are outselling laptops in BBY; and supposedly they aren't happy about that. That info comes from a coworker, and he's kind of a huge apple fan so I'd take it with heresay. As for the employee stuff above though; as far as I know it's completely not true.

I don't know if this is just for our store or our district, but something like this wouldn't happen here.