Is this what Daisy Ridley's Star Wars Character looks like?

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It's been a bit of a crazy week for Star Wars rumours - earlier this week we had Imperial teases and shots from location filming, but now we've got a few more secrets from Episode VII, including what might be a look at Daisy Ridley's mysterious character.

Let's take this with a grain of salt the size of a small moon and/or planet destroying weapon first, because these images are purportedly recollected sketches from concept art the team over at got to see recently - but they're apparently pretty close to the designs that were being suggested for Daisy Ridley's character (who has long heavily been rumoured to play the daughter of Han Solo and Leia Organa):


It's not the best of looks, but if they're accurate (Making Star Wars' original post has since been removed, which may lend some veracity to the images) it shows off a much more practical, rugged costume design that's more in line with Star Wars' original trilogy than it is the sleek world of the prequels. Here's an annotated image as well as a better description of the original artwork, via /Film:

I had trouble with the loose free-flowing scarf, so I didn't depict it. She has a ton of detail and gadgets on the costume, so please forgive me for any ambiguities. The pants reminded me of Boba Fett's pants (they're not). The knee pads, chest and scarf are a dark blue. The pants are grey. Her arms are a white "bone" looking padding, tied off with brown straps. My sketch looks like she has a hat brim but that is supposed to be a transparent visor. It's like a solid piece of glass or plastic and you can see her eyes through it. The stances below are nearly identical to the art I was shown.


A lightsaber, you say? Is Ridley playing a Jedi - or does this lend even more credence to those crazy rumours we heard about Luke's hand recently?


But that's not all for this latest round of Episode VII rumour-mongering - after images from location filming were inadvertently snapped by a passing pilot during a flight earlier this week, Latino Review has gone a step further and flown a drone over the location getting a few more snaps of what very much looks like a Rebel base of operations, even perhaps Yavin IV:


First off, let's acknowledge the fact that flying a goddamn drone over a movie set is a bizarre, slightly creepy future of entertainment media reporting that I'm not sure anyone was expecting, but anyway - what the pictures actually reveal is an interesting look at what appears to be a black and orange X-Wing fighter that was possibly the X-Wing under covers in the initial set pictures. It's pretty snazzy, and Latino Review are claiming it belongs to one of the movie's leads, as well as the fact that four of the supporting cast are X-Wing Pilots.


What a week, eh Star Wars fans? It's only going to get crazier as we ramp up to Star Wars: Episode VII's December 2015 release.

[Images via /Film and Latino Review]

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