iSaber Makes Your iPhone a Lightsaber

Although it's a super- early beta and doesn't really work all that well, this iSaber app actually turns your iPhone into a lightsaber. The developer, who made the MacSaber and the WiiSaber, has tapped into the iPhone's accelerometer and designed the app to have your phone make lightsaber noises when you swing it around like a nerdy Canadian. Here's our wishlist for version 2:

• Actual lightsaber picture/movie on the screen instead of an accelerometer

• Louder lightsaber noises

• More accurate, or just more sensitive, lightsaber noise generation. Right now it's kind of loosey goosey

• More variations in the lightsaber noises, like crashes when you suddenly pull it back (like you hit something)


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Update: Seems this guy ISN'T the guy who made MacSaber and WiiSaber. It's just some other guy who took the icon and placed some lousy lightsaber sounds into it. The guy who DID make MacSaber and WiiSaber is working on a version now (with an iPhone he just purchased today).


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