iShoes, Movin' and Groovin' at 15MPH

Why roll around on a Ferrari Segway looking like a dork when you can look like a dork rolling around on these electric iShoes at 15mph? At least you'll be able to wear your own kicks when you strap into these things, which fit men's shoe sizes 8 to 12 and women's sizes 7 to 10. Get these babies up to speed and you might just want to sing the body electric.

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Created by Minnesota inventor Ilya Kaganovich, the total weight of both shoes is 16 pounds, and they have a range of five to seven miles on a charge (as long as you're not going uphill). The 4-inch wheels are supposed to give you high-speed stability, but it still looks like that control cable with its hand brake might have quite a learning curve. Wear knee pads and a helmet, and make sure your insurance is all paid up. Looks like fun, though. There's no word on pricing or availability just yet. [iShoes]

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Most people that can buy these can DRIVE. Can't imagine picking up groceries or the kids from school on these. I can see a cult following at colleges using em for beer runs (not drunk driving if you're on skates) or some retard will do a fundraiser "iCrap across America". Some people have way too much time on their hands. Christ, how long before idiots start putting spinner rims and modding the hell out of these? "Pimp my Skates" just doesn't seem that entertaining.