iSkin Claro Hands-On

We got our snausage-stained hands on the iSkin Claro case for the 30GB 5G iPod. It's got the traditional silicone iSkin layer inside of a hard, polycarbonate case.

The iPod slips right into the hole in the iSkin silicone layer, which then in turns goes into the hard shell by way sliding down and removing the front of the case. Drop the iPod in there and slide the case back on for a tight fit. The case feels really solid and looks like it can take some abuse. The kickstand on the back of the case extends out for video playback, and the click wheel is still accessible even with both "layers" on there.


So we decided to test out the "ClaroCoat" on the outer casing to see if it really protects the iPod from scratches. Other than being smudged by my greasy paws, there wasn't a scratch to be found on the case. You won't have to worry about the screen portion of the case being opaque with scratches after throwing it into your bag with your keys.

Product Page [iSkin]

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