Israeli City Using DNA Testing to Fight Rampant Dog Poop Problems

Illustration for article titled Israeli City Using DNA Testing to Fight Rampant Dog Poop Problems

Nobody likes stepping in dog crap. That's why there are laws in most major cities that require you to pick up after your dog. Unfortunately, it's tough to enforce and many people just ignore it. The solution? Elaborate and expensive DNA testing, of course. The Israeli city of Petah Tikva, a suburb of Tel Aviv, has just launched a six-month trial program that will have local dogs DNA tested so their droppings can be identified after being scraped off the bottom of your shoe. The system will work both as a way to punish poop-leavers as well as reward those who do their civic duty by cleaning up after their pooches. If you scoop up after your dog and leave it in specially marked bins along the streets, you'll be eligible for pet food coupons and dog toys. If it's found on the street, you'll be eligible for fines. It's a pretty interesting idea, but I wonder if it's worth all the effort. Sure, clean streets are great, but how much does it cost to set something this elaborate up? I mean, how much are you going to have to pay the poor bastard whose job it is to go around analyzing dog crap from the sidewalks? Yikes. [Reuters]

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So, they would obviously need a database of dog DNA, and then a dog crap collection team, and then a team of folks to test the dog crap.

Is the problem really that big? I can't get a blood test on a criminal case in less than a month, and thats for important things.