All-in-all the folks behind the Backyard Racing channel estimate it took two whole weeks to design the layout of the treetop track and test that all the various obstacles would work, and another two weeks to put it all together. In addition to the track sections that seem perilously perched atop tree branches, there’s also jumps, full loops, tunnels, Kodi the Australian Shepherd, and countless boosters that keeps the Hot Wheels car zooming along the track when gravity power runs out.


Without a doubt the most impressive feature (with the beautiful Fall foliage coming in at a close second, and the popsicle stick swinging bridge just behind that) is the drill-powered gondola lift that takes Hot Wheels cars from the very bottom of the track all the way back to the highest point in the tree again. Operated by a small Lego minifigure at the controls inside, it turns this whole track into a continuous Hot Wheels roller coaster, but more importantly, it means no one has to climb a ladder every time they want to launch a car.