It's A Zombie Train Attack In First Clip From In The Flesh Season Two

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The first season of In the Flesh focused on rehabilitated zombies settling in their former homes amidst prejudice from the living. But what happens when the zombies decide to lash out?

It's clear that the second season is going to continue to tug at our heartstrings, though perhaps in a different way than the first season did. It also appears that we'll be hearing more about the zombie liberation organization that was alluded to in the first season. Now that Kieren has decided to remain partially rather than fully dead, he'll have to decide whether to remain among the living or embrace his inner zombie.

Even in this first clip, all of the details are wonderful; the political adds at the tram station and graffiti are just perfect. We're greatly looking forward to this new season.


Season Two premieres this Sunday on BBC Three and on Saturday, May 10th, on BBC America.