Wireless music might not be the status quo yet, but sooner or later, it will be. Even the snootiest, most elite audio companies will have to come around or perish. So it's pretty significant that McIntosh, the high-fidelity audio giant, joined the party this September with an AirPlay speaker. If the future doesn't sound awesome, at least it will be beautiful.

The McIntosh McAire ain't your average AirPlay unit. The 31-pound shelf-sized system packs two 4-inch woofers, two 2-inch midrange drivers, and two 3/4-inch tweeters. The company's components are surely impeccable, but will the quality of the streaming audio be good enough to impress absurdly discerning audiophiles?


The gorgeous beast looks the part. But for $3000 it better be play it, too. [Mcintosh via Uncrate]