It's hard to believe that this is in our planet

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The ferocious teeth of the Earth dragon—the sand seas of the Namibia desert as captured by South Korea's Kompsat-2 satellite. The complete photo at high definition and its description from the European Space Agency follows:

The blue and white area is the dry river bed of the Tsauchab. Black dots of vegetation are concentrated close to the river's main route, while salt deposits appear bright white. Running through the river valley, a road connects Sossusvlei to the Sesriem settlement. At the road's 45th kilometre, seen at the lower-central part of the image, a white path shoots off and ends at a circular parking area at the base of a dune. This is Dune 45, a popular tourist stop on the way to and from Sossusvlei. In this image, there appears to be some shadow on the western side. From this we can deduce that the image was acquired during the late morning.