It's Official: Colton Haynes Is Returning to Arrow This Season

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It’s been a few seasons since we last saw Roy Harper in Star City, but the former Arsenal is making a comeback next year—just don’t expect him to stick around for too long.

The CW has officially announced, after months of speculation about the actor’s return, that Haynes will reprise his role as Roy, Oliver Queen’s former protégé and one-time successor to the Green Arrow mantle. He’ll have a “short arc” starting in the 15th episode of the current season of Arrow, marking his first appearance in the series since a guest spot in season four.


Although plot details about Roy’s return are being kept under wraps, Arrow producer Marc Guggenheim described the arc as having “high stakes for the team,” especially Thea, whose encounter with Roy “will have long-lasting consequences” for both characters. Makes sense, given that Thea basically took Roy’s place—and costume—when he left Arrow in its third season. But given that the midseason finale concluded with Oliver’s current Team Arrow disbanding, in the wake of revelations that there was a mole among them helping the FBI investigate Oliver’s links to the Green Arrow, Ollie’s going to need some friends around while he carries on trying to save his city.

Arrow returns from its midseason break January 18.