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It's Safe to Assume Apple TV Is Getting Apps

Now this is interesting! A sharp-eyed Apple TV beta tester spotted wobbling icon rearrangement in the newest update, allowing you to customize your home screen. Sound familiar? It should—it's exactly what we saw right before downloadable iPhone apps.


The ability to download 3rd party apps didn't hit Apple's phone until the 2.0 version of iOS, but a little before that, we were given the ability to click and hold apps and "web clips" (remember those?) to move them around. When they move, they turned into app jelly and wobbled—now we're seeing the exact same thing on the Apple TV. There's not much point in offering the ability to move icons around on an interface unless a bunch more are on the way—that is to say, apps. On the TV, this will probably take the form of extra channels, Roku style—download the video access you want, move it to where you need it, and watch TV how it suits you. This is a good sign. [9to5Mac]

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thank jebus, i just got one a few weeks ago for the bedroom for netflix and streaming, and i hate that i cant folder or remove all the crap ill never use