It's shocking to see how many movie scenes were copied in The Matrix

The video by Culturegraphy shows the super close relationship between The Matrix and a bunch of other movies (including Total Recall!). The split-screen comparisons are shocking because you can see how closely some of the choreography and visual cues match up.


Make sure to visit Culturegraphy to admire some rich data viz about a wide range of genres—although I'll be damed if I can't figure out how the hell to read their diagrams.

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Pop culture has to do with plagiarism and copying. As Walter Benjamin points out: "Art is, by nature, reproducible." Millions of copies are sold, seen, consumed. Because pop culture feeds on common denominators, to say that this is "shocking" is probably an overstatement. Culturegraphy mentions that those images, although they seem mere copies, are references. Moreover, I'd say a movie that might become popular has to strike the imagination in a familiar way. That is to present a worldview that's not unknown to the public, a kind of aggregate of recognizable images. It's the exact same thing in music, in sculpture, in painting and in literature.