Carefully peeling and replacing all the stickers on a traditional Rubik’s Cube is a tedious job, but far easier than trying to actually solve it. But Etsy shop Qunotoys makes it even easier to cheat, with a tiny working Rubik’s Cube made out of Lego.

Because the colored squares on this $25 Rubik’s Cube are capped with Lego studs, you can further adorn and build on the cube with your own collection of plastic bricks. That’s the good part. The bad part is that it appears as if those 1x1 colored pieces are all permanently glued to the twisting base. Boo.


That makes cheating all but impossible unless you want to mess with glue dissolving solvents, or want to try and convince Qunotoys to make you a custom version where those Lego pieces can be easily swapped. [Etsy via This Is Why I’m Broke]

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