What Sideshow Collectible's new Iron Man Mark II quarter-scale statue (based on the second suit Stark built in the 2008 film) lacks in articulation, it makes up for in size and detail. At 26-inches it's just over two-feet tall, and features a perfect gloss metallic paint job, and light-up features in the helmet, chest, and palms.


The statue, which stands atop an equally-detailed Stark Industries gantry base, weighs a hefty 15 pounds, and that's presumably without the batteries needed to make all the white LEDs glow. In order to make it as accurate to the Iron Man Mark II suit seen in the original film, the folks at Sideshow Collectibles teamed up with Legacy Effects Studio who was the FX shop responsible for realizing Stark's original armor.

You'd think that zero points of articulation meant you could at least snag this tiny Iron Man for a few bucks less than Hot Toys' Iron Man figures, but at $480 that's not the case. So if you think of it more as a work art, instead of an action figure, it makes the investment a little easier to swallow. [Sideshow Collectibles via GeekAlerts]


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