Jabra Clipper Headset: Bluetooth Undercover

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Bluetooth technology really is handy and wonderful. Wearing Bluetooth headsets, though, can be a bit of a fashion and comfort nightmare. Enter the Jabra Clipper, which discretely gives any pair of 3.5mm headphones the Power of Bluetooth.


The controls are in the 20-gram Clipper itself, which you can, well, clip to your clothes. It connects to two devices at once, but if you're listening to music from your PMP, calls will automatically override the song. You also get six hours of talk time and eight days of standby.

While there's no word on US availability, the Clipper will be available soon in the UK for about $60. And don't worry! It'll be our secret. [Pocket-Lint]


This looks promising. Never a been a fan of bluetooth headsets, but If I can use my iPhone headset to listen to music/control it/ and talk then I am sold!