Jackson Pollock's Hi-Fi Was Paint-Splattered Too, Played Loud

Illustration for article titled Jackson Pollocks Hi-Fi Was Paint-Splattered Too, Played Loud

Over at The Audiophiliac they're running a story about a visit to the house where abstract painter Jackson Pollock used to live with wife Lee Krasner. Apparently the guy had a pretty cool hi-fi: a Bogun DB-20 tube amp, a Crown turntable and speakers built into a stairwell. Audiophiliac's Steve notes that the door holding the speakers "is covered with Pollock's trademark paint splatters, drips, and blobs," so it probably counts as a minor work of art all of its own. And of course "Pollock loved to play his hi-fi really loud, especially when Krasner was out of the house." I wonder if the volume helped with artistic inspiration? [The Audiophiliac]


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Was there music (wink-wink nudge-nudge) on the hi-fi to go with the art (wink-wink nudge-nudge) on the walls?