James Cameron loves the hell out of the CG Captain Harlock movie

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James Cameron knows movies in general, and he knows 3D CG movies in specific. So if James Cameron likes your 3D CG film, you've probably done something special. If he calls your movie "majestic" and "epic in every sense," then you're Shinji Aramaki, and the movie Cameron is praising is Captain Harlock.

Yes, the acclaimed director of Avatar got to see a screening of the completely awesome-looking Captain Harlock movie, and he loved it. Here's what else Cameron said about the film, as reported by the Japanese media in handy soundbites as opposed to complete sentences:

• "Visually poetic"

• "Emotionally compelling"

• "Its style and difference are its strength" 

What does this mean? Well, for one, it probably means the Captain Harlock movie is pretty good. Second, this almost ensures the film will get some kind of release in the west — a James Cameron quote on the packaging sells a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays. I wouldn't be surprised if a company like Sony picked it up now.


By the way, the video up top is a neat look at how Harlock used motion capture for the characters' mouths, but starting at 1:50 is a brand-new, majestic and epic in every sense trailer for the movie — well worth checking out.

[Via Crunchy Roll and Anime News Network]