Jamie Foxx Drops Music Video for Netflix Vampire Feature Day Shift

The song is helpfully titled "BUD (Mowing Down Vamps)," in case you don't know what the movie is about.

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Jamie Foxx and Dave Franco
Image: Netflix

It appears Dave Franco really wants us to know he loves playing characters with musical aspirations (see: The Afterparty). This time around he’s gotten himself on a Jamie Foxx track released for their Netflix vampire film Day Shift, with a new music video arriving today.

The film centers on Bud (Foxx), who runs a San Fernando Valley pool cleaning business during the day but at night is a member of an international union of vampire hunters. Franco co-stars as Seth, who thinks Bud is his best friend. The film has been trending on Netflix and Foxx fans know the Oscar-winning actor loves to celebrate his roles by writing songs about them—including “Chasing Spiders” from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and “100 Black Coffins” from Django Unchained.

To mark his latest release, Foxx wasted no time with a track especially made for the film. “BUD (Mowing Down Vamps),” by Franco, Foxx, and the BSB Boys, is a best-friend anthem that had its genesis at end of the shoot when Franco ad-libbed the line “mowing down vamps with my best friend Bud.In an Instagram reel, Foxx said the offhand remark “sparked a revolution,” inspiring him to get out his camera and ask Franco to repeat what he’d just said so he could record it. Watch the music video below:

BUD (Mowing Down Vamps) Jamie Foxx & The BSB Boys

Day Shift is now streaming on Netflix.

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