Janitor Finds Meth Lab In Walmart Restroom

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Walmart, America's temple of good taste and style, just got a lot better with the addition of meth labs to their restrooms. That's what a janitor found at the women's restroom in Walmart in Boaz, Alabama.


According to the police, it was a "one-pot ‘shake and bake' type lab." The janitor found a plastic water bottle with meth residue and pseudoephedrine pills that, surprisingly, were not from Walmart. The police says that it takes from 15 to 30 minutes to cook meth using this method, but it results in a low quality product. Walter White would have not approved.


Boaz Police Chief Terry Davis said it blew his mind: "We've found a lot of shake and bake meth labs in different places but never inside a business." [WHNT]

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I just started watching Breaking Bad. It kicks ass and if you haven't watched it you should. For all the meth cookers on the site. Does that look like an accurate way to cook meth? I'm only on season 1 but I wonder why more Chemistry teachers don't do it.