Illustration for article titled Japanese Anti-Flu Suit Lets You Get Sneezed On With Impunity

A Japanese company called Haruyama Trading Co. has developed a suit that supposedly protects the wearer from the H1N1 hysteria virus. Finally!


It does this by being coated with titanium dioxide, which apparently reacts to light and kills the virus when it comes in contact with it. Unfortunately, you don't get the flu through your torso, you get it through your mucus membranes such as your nose and mouth. And unless you plan on wearing the suit jacket over your face, I'm not sure how much good it'll do you.

But hey, at least it'll give you peace of mind, right? And when we're battling a flu strain that appears to be just about as dangerous as the normal flu, but from goddamned pigs, we've got to take extreme measures. [Telegraph]

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