Japan's Bullet Trains to Get Wi-Fi

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Starting this week, Japan's Shinkansen bullet trains will feature wireless LAN from Tokyo to Osaka.

A project including the joint efforts of NTT, KDDI and SoftBank, Japan's big three wireless carriers, data lines were actually run aside the entire track and use periodic wireless transmitters to connect to passengers.

From inside the train, users should enjoy speeds of 2Mbps even through tunnels, while those waiting at station concourses will be blessed with speeds up to 54Mbps (which happens to be the peak speed of wireless n routers, or about 6 times the speed of the only DSL service to offer wiring in my apartment building). [CrunchGear and Getty]


Ed note: Technically this shot is from China, but shhh, I just liked it.

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Why can't we get bullet trains in the US?