Japan's Unlimited 3G Data Plans Are Being Overwhelmed by Pornhounds

Apparently, Japanese carriers KDDI and DoCoMo are being totally overwhelmed by porn downloaders on their 3G networks. I don't know what they expected to happen when porn services started offering movies for wireless download.

The porn aficionados, or Jason Chens as they're known in the States, are causing the Japanese online porn industry to grow at 1,000 new customers a day with some people paying up to $105 to get on board.

Consider this a peek into the near future here in the US. When more people get phones with data plans that are able to download video, the exact same thing will happen here, just with less mosiacs and cartoons. People love their porn, after all. [Bloomberg via The Register]

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Pew Pew BOOM

Why would you need porn on the go? I don't get it.