Jared Leto's Joker Shows Up in Skrillex Music Video, and That's About It

For everyone bitching that there isn’t enough Joker in Suicide Squad (yes, I’m mostly looking at you, Jared Leto), don’t panic, he’s got an entire music video. Unfortunately, it’s really boring.


Skrillex and Rick Ross have released their official music video for “Purple Lamborghini,” their tune from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. The song itself isn’t bad—it carries a lot of Skrillex’s trademark EDM flair and it’s fun to listen to. But the video, well, let’s just break down what the Joker does.

He hangs out on a yacht, hangs out in da club and then, umm, hangs out on a yacht again.

Throughout the entire video, Leto’s Joker doesn’t do a damn thing. He just wanders around in his tuxedo costume, giving a blank face my friend Aiyanna described as “waiting for his mascara to dry.”

The only other things he does are wave around a gun and occasionally look into the camera all creepy-like. Now don’t get me wrong, Leto gives good creepy face, but what’s the point of having the Joker in a music video if you’re not going to let him have fun with it? Isn’t that his whole M.O.?

There are so many missed opportunities here it makes my heart sink. Why not have the Joker force the club goers to do a sadistic dance? Or instead of showing him gazing at shipyard containers for, umm, reasons, why not show him doing something there? Hell, just show him doing anything. A heist, or a rampage, or a skydiving adventure while drinking Chivas out of a woman’s navel. Something, please, I’m trying so hard.

For the love of God, someone give me a reason to like Leto’s Joker. I’m running out of fucks to give.



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Necros Dante

Why would people bitch about not seeing more of him in the movie? He was the weakest part