Jason Chen Needs Speakers

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Our own Jason Chen needs new computer speakers. This sounds (no pun intended) like a simple task, but for Jason's weak constitution, the unneeded stress of deciding could crack his head in two, just like a melon. And the insides would be all orange and sweet smelling. And I could eat them and gain all of the strength and knowledge of Jason Chen. Meh, maybe I'd skip the meal. Doesn't seem worth it.

Anyway, he is deciding between two 2.1 systems, the the Klipsch ProMedia 2 and the Logitech Z-2300. Hit the comments to vote, explain your choice, and feel free to offer an alternative...especially if you feel 2.1 sucks and 5.1 rulez. Really, we need your help. Since he moved the poor guy's been using a tin can attached string that he jammed into the miniplug. It works, but he's tired of holding the can on his ear all day.


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