Jazzmutant Multitouch Tablet PC Demoed

Here's a video of the multi-touch tablet PC prototype that Jazzmutant showed off last week at Siggraph. It's got the pinch and spread features that Apple popularized on the iPhone, but this can actually take an unlimited number of contact points. You can use as many fingers (or styluses) as you were born with to move and spread stuff around. We could see this in a tablet, but replacing the traditional mouse and keyboard in a laptop is pretty unlikely. [Jazz Mutant]



Can haptics work with multi-touch displays? IIRC, a haptic touch display works because your brain sees a button and you're using one finger, you really can't tell that the whole display is actually moving.

If there's some kind of vibration interference pattern manipulation technology that allows only specific spots to vibrate, this would be the first I've heard of it. It would also be awesome.