Jeb Bush Says Apple Watch Health Apps Are Better Than Obamacare

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Gov. Jeb Bush hates the Affordable Care Act so much, he’d rather use the health apps on the Apple Watch instead.

“I think we should repeal Obamacare,” Bush said to a clapping crowd at Arizona’s Four Peaks Brewery. Then he pointed to his Apple Watch. “On this device in five years will be applications that will allow me to manage my healthcare in ways that, five years ago, were not even possible.”

Bush went on to describe how he believes that, in five years, his Apple Watch will be able to alert him when he’s eaten too many butterscotch sundaes, as a diabetes management tool.


No word on how Bush thinks the Android Gear measures up to the Affordable Care Act.

No word on whether Bush realizes that suggesting someone replace health insurance with an overpriced, overhyped fitness band is the dumbest fucking idea anyone’s ever had.

h/t Steve Krafft | Image via Steve Krafft

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This just continues to show off the “clown-car” attitude of the Republican party. Sure Joe Biden makes a few (ok, a lot) of gaffe’s but he’s actually usually focused on real policies and excitements.
- “Stand up” to a disabled man
- “This is a big f*cking deal” to Obama on ACA

Yet Republicans trot out Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul (who used to have good ideas), and the rest of the crazies and the policy statements they make aren’t even worth 100 views on YouTube. Yet that’s the party platform, We vote next year, let’s not look for the guy or girl we can have a beer with, let’s look at the person who actually has three brain cells that actually have good ideas.