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Jimmy Fallon Shows Us How Dumb We Sound When We Use Hashtags (Again)

Jimmy Fallon has teamed up with The Wolf of Wall Street's Jonah Hill to point out, for a second time, just how the ridiculous overuse of hashtags is.


If that sounds familiar, it's because last year Justin Timberlake took part in an extremely similar skit. A desperate attempt to cash in on what was a bewildering success? Surely.


But the thing is, it's still funny. There's something about a conversation littered with spoken hashtags that amuses and also makes us squirm. This is how we all sound like on Twitter. Or on Facebook. Or on Instagram. Overusing hashtags is still dumb. Stop it. [YouTube]

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Having seen the first one, this feel played out already and I probably wouldn't even crack a smile at a third one. It's cute but the joke just doesn't have legs.