JW4 | Sneak Peek

In case you’ve forgotten, since the movie would’ve been out about two months ago in a regular timeline, Chapter 4 picks up with our exhausted assassin now turning his bloodlust on Winston (Ian McShane) and the rest of the High Table. After cutting off one of his fingers, fighting off legions of their soldiers, and getting shot off a building by his surrogate father, John’s partnering up with the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne) to bring the whole assassin business down as violently as possible.


According to Reeves and Stahelski, Wick’s newest film will be take place across New York, Berlin, Japan, Paris, and Jordan, and see Wick cross paths (and bullets, and swords) with a variety of allies and assassins on his quest. The trailer provides a look at the film’s new blood, such as Hiroyuki Sanada, Shamier Anderson, Bill Skarsgård, Clancy Brown, Rina Sawayama, Scott Adkins, and Donnie Yen.

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Look for John Wick: Chapter 4 to hopefully hit theaters on March 24, 2023.

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