Joking Computer Puns at a Sixth-Grade Level

It gets boring this time of year in Scotland. That's what I assume, anyway, knowing that scientists in Aberdeen have developed software to turn a computer into a cold pun machine. Some of the jokes are funny! Most are not.

The software was originally written to help children with cerebral palsy develop language skills. Somewhere along the line the developers seem to have gotten a wee bit sidetracked, and so the Joking Computer was born. Let's see what it's got:

Q: What do you call a cross between a bun and a character?
A: A minor roll.

Q: What kind of temperature is a son?
A: A boy-ling point.

Q: What kind of tree is nauseated?
A: A sick-amore.

Hey, that last one's not half bad! But if I wanted to hear mediocre jokes based on formulaic word play, I'd probably just watch Leno. Bah-DING. [The Joking Computer via PhysOrg]


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