Jon Heder Gets Zombified in New Web Series

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Jon Heder is having the worst day of his life. His girlfriend's cheating on him, he's got a splitting headache, and he's just died and come back as a zombie. Woke Up Dead traces the first days of Heder's unlife.

Woke Up Dead, produced by Electric Farm (makers of NBC's web serial Gemini Divisions), stars Heder as Drex Greene, a nerdy guy who wakes up in a bathtub to discover that he's dead. His roommate (an aspiring filmmaker and requisite plugger of Kodak products) is convinced that Drex is a zombie, while medical student Cassie (Vernonica Mars regular Krysten Ritter) is only interested in his body (just not in the way he'd like). The first four episodes were posted yesterday, chronicling the last moments of Drex's life and his first few days of zombification:


From Crackle: Up and At 'Em

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