Jon Pertwee's TARDIS Is Looking Much The Worse For Wear

Apparently this is the actual TARDIS prop used by Doctor Who back in the Jon Pertwee era — which seems believable, since it was pretty battered-looking back in 1971 and the intervening decades probably haven't been kind. Makes me kind of nostalgic for the days when the TARDIS was less imposing and shiny.

Photo via Worcester News

The above image comes from The Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction in The Square, in Bromyard, Worcestershire. It's a small private museum run by a man named Andy Glazzard, who has collected screen-used memorabilia from Doctor Who and other classic science fiction shows. Also in his collection: a Weeping Angel from "Blink," a clockwork robot from "The Girl in the Fireplace," and a replica 1960s Dalek from the recent Adventure in Space and Time docudrama.


Speaking to the Worcester News, Glazzard explained:

The stuff we collect has actually been used on screen and that that is what the general public are interested in, which is the most important factor. If the museum was a collection of replicas it would not have the same meaning for people.

Here's one more picture, also via the Worcester News, showing a Mechanoid from "The Chase."


You can see tons more images, including a rather bedraggled looking Zygon and some Star Wars stuff, at the Time Machine Museum of Science Fiction website.

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