Jon Rubinstein Gets Frank On What Palm Could've Done

Illustration for article titled Jon Rubinstein Gets Frank On What Palm Couldve Done

In another world, the Pre would be available on more than Sprint and Verizon, Palm would've made $22 million last quarter, and their ads would've actually made you want one of their phones. Oh, and Google would own Palm. [Fortune]

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colloquial clipsburgh

Fourth and 25 at the Palm 10. Rubinstein. Takes the snap, rolls left. Evades a tackler. Rolls back to his right. Slips away from another defender. Still on his feet. Scans. Double coverage downfield. Pump fake... He lets it fly...CAUGHT! AT THE 50 YARD LINE! WebOS Snapdragon! The rookie with a SENSATIONAL catch! And Palm is still very much in this game, folks, still in this game.