Jurassic Park 4 A "Long Shot," But NeverEnding Story's Coming

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Legendary producer Frank Marshall chatted up his future genre projects today, including whether we'll be seeing the NeverEnding Story continue — and what are the chances of another Jurassic Park movie?

We spent a lot of time following producer Frank Marshall.

Talking to the press at a round table, Marshall was asked:

Do you think Land of The Lost hurt the chances of Jurassic Park coming back?

No, no. I think Land of the Lost is a comedy. I just think, I have to see if they can come up with a story, we don't have a story yet.


Later in private, we pestered Marshall some more about the possibility of another Jurassic. He looked us kindly in our big optimistic eyes and said it was more of a "back burner project." Clearly, our hopeful look hadn't changed, because the Producer leaned over sadly, and said, "At this point, you could call it a long shot." No matter, we take this as a call out to you dear readers: write Frank Marshall the best dino-story ever. You deserve a better class of dinosaur.

In other movie development news. Round tables touched on The NeverEnding Story and tried to find out details on the child-like empress.


What can you tell us about The NeverEnding Story movie you're working on?

We love the book. We've always thought there was an opportunity there because there are a lot of elements in the book that aren't in the movie. It's another one where we're still working on the rights. It's a huge thing to get it. And once we get that, we'll bring on a writer. But that's kind of off in the distance, but it's a great story.