Justin Trudeau Uses Fake Mac, Like a Commoner

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Photo: Team Trudeau Training Hub

More news from Canada, nation of paradoxes, which printed the wrong leaf on its currency and where a mayor’s approval rating can rise after a world-famous crack scandal. This week’s mystery from the north: Justin Trudeau has been photographed masquerading as a Macbook user. Why, Canada?


As one can see from an image on the “Team Trudeau Training” portal on the Liberal Party website, the already scandal-plagued prime minister is laughing while using a Mac laptop in a videoconference volunteer meeting. The image went unnoticed for months until—fucking zuuuuuuuut—right-wingers with enhancement technology pointed out a white Apple logo sticker slapped over a Hewlett Packard logo. The black, rounded charger cable proves Trudeau’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Oh, and don’t forget that Windows can clearly be seen on the big screen over Trudeau’s shoulder.

Deceit, they say.

Illustration for article titled Justin Trudeau Uses Fake Mac, Like a Commoner
Photo: Team Trudeau

Yesterday, a Liberal Party spokesperson confirmed to Vice that the computer is indeed fraudulent and that he’d borrowed the laptop from a volunteer so that he could thank the staff on a video conference.

Said volunteer has not come forward, but clearly, they’ll never work in politics again.

The photograph is disorienting as a whole. Trudeau, hunched over a civilian-issue laptop, giggling in full view of the camera. The volunteers, on a prime minister-sized screen, facing Trudeau and also slightly angled to face the camera. A dim volunteer training studio, as a setting where Justin Trudeau hangs out.

And a Macbook sticker, just in case Justin Trudeau’s richest friend swings by.

Tim Cook is coming, Tim Cook is coming!!!, the bagman shouts, occasionally, as he runs through the volunteer halls like a Canadian Paul Revere, dispensing stickers. Maybe today will be the day Tim brings Canada Macbooks.


Update 5/20/2021 10:50 am ET: Liberal Party Communications Director Braeden Caley emailed Gizmodo the following statement regarding the laptop mystery:


It’s a volunteer laptop that Justin Trudeau borrowed for a moment in the volunteer hub at LPC HQ, when he dropped by to thank volunteers virtually during the successful Liberal by-election campaigns early last fall. It seems some especially keen Apple fans there just brought some ‘real change’ to the look of a team’s laptop!

We’ve always embraced the grassroots nature of our organizing, and our volunteers often have a bit of fun while working together to keep Canada moving forward. Erin O’Toole’s Conservatives raising this online is just an odd attempt to distract from his lack of a plan to deliver support for Canadians and ensure we have an economy that comes roaring back.


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Early Discloser

The Hewlett-Packard logo underneath is actually a sticker covering a Commodore 64 logo.