JVC HD Everio: Full Consumer HD?

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The lines between prosumer and consumer have been become even murkier...err...though sharper...with JVC's new HD Everio.

The notable statistic is that the HD Everio records in a full 1920 x 1080i resolution, earning it the billing as the "World's first full HD consumer camcorder". Sure, we've all heard of HD camcorders before, even at the "consumer" level, but most record at a scaling 1,440 x 1,080 resolution. JVC's new HD Everio equates to a 1:1 pixel ratio to most HD TVs, meaning that even HD can be sharper than it was previously.

Other specs include three 1/5-inch CCDs (meaning that each basic color gets its own chip) and HDMI, USB 2.0 and iLink (IEEE 1394) connections. The 60GB hard drive will provide quite a bit of storage for the suggested $1799.95 price tag in April.


I know, the first question on most of your minds is "no 1080p?". Just hold on. The JVC HD Everio is a huge step in the right direction of Gizmodo's definition of full consumer HD. I'm just excited at the prospect of Hollywood wetting their pants when 15-year-old boys everywhere are shooting in HD.

Also, JVC has released a line of hard drive-based camcorders with the GZ series.

The GZ-MG555 part of the 5-model Everio hard drive camcorder line. All of these SD models feature 10X zoom and 30GB hard drives that can store what we are sure is a ton of MPEG2 video. Using the bundled dock, from which you can burn DVDs directly from the Everio hard drive, or use to back up source footage to PC. Keep in mind that MPEG2 doesn't do well when edited natively, so you may need to do some conversion if you are going for the family video Oscar this year. Oh, and this bad boy takes 5 megapixel stills. $900 in March.


Finally, JVC is also releasing/updating their mini-DV line. Look for pretty standard stuff here, other than the notable F1.2 34X optical lenses, new 2.7-inch LCDs and a tiny 1/6-inch 680K CCDs (one per camcorder). JVC claims to have improved battery consumption by 50% with this mini-DV line, which is also promising.


Once again - we'll let you know what we think when we get our hands on these new models. But so far, JVC is looking good.