Kanye West: Blood on the Leaves

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Whatever you think of Kanye West, the release of his sixth album is a big deal. I'm totally biased, I've already listened to the album probably two dozen times, and "Blood on the Leaves" is an early favorite.

The song samples Nina Simone's "Strange Fruit" and horns from TNGHT's "RU Ready." It's a dark, twisted tale of betrayal, break up, and oh yeah, MDMA. The contrasting mix of Simone's sorrowful refrain and the upbeat tempo of the horns is infectious, and it fits in with that conflicting Kanye persona we've come to know and love or maybe hate. As it goes with the Konman, you have to wonder if he's talking about his own experiences, or just telling a tale. (Look out for the Beyonce/Jay-Z name checks in the last verse). Doesn't really matter to me! Can't stop listening, either way. [Spotify, iTunes, Amazon]