Kick This Giant Green Mushroom to Charge Your Stuff

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Giant mashable buttons are pretty great. A giant mashable button that I can kick to charge my devices? Well, sign me up for 10. I wanna be the Rockette of power management.


Charging your gadgets is a tricky proposition. You want them chock full of juice when you're ready to use them, but you don't want them to be continuously taking power once they've reached capacity. Also having a plethora of power bricks around your house that are always sucking power isn't doing your electric bill any favors. The Mushroom GreenZero charger will not only stop sucking power once your device's battery is at 100-percent, to start filling your gadget with delicious electricity you either kick or press the giant green button. Hulk SMASH!

The Mushroom GreenZero is expected to be available in March and will retail from $25 to $30. I'm going to fill every outlet in a room with these things and film a slow-motion montage of me charging my stuff. [Bracketron via Craziest Gadgets]


WHYYYYYYY??? I can't think of a situation where this is useful.

When my battery is charged, it goes into trickle mode, costing me pennies a year, but at the same time, ensuring my battery STAYS at 100%

When I remove my device, either by removing the device from the cord or the cord from the transformer, or even the transformer from the wall, it really doesn't cost a dime, and it's an extra step for me to have to hit the start button.

When a device, like my phone is done charging, that doesn't mean I want to stop the feed of electricity. If you stop the power feed, the phone begins to run on battery again. Basically, if I charge my phone at 9PM and it's done charging at 10PM, that means the phone will be running on battery all the way until 7AM, when I wake up. Boy, how convenient to wake up to 50% battery.