Kickstarter Will Eat Itself

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A couple of months ago, our all-powerful leader Joe Brown banned Kickstarter projects from the pages of Gizmodo. If you're still puzzled over that decision, consider this: Kickstarter is becoming such a widely abused platform that it will soon eat itself.


That sentiment is beautifully conveyed by today's XKCD, which depicts a fictional Kickstarter project looking to score enough capital to write the perfect Kickstarter pitch. As ever on XKCD, the mouse-over text is just as hilarious as the cartoon itself:

"If you pledge more than $50 you'll get on the VIP list and have first dibs on a slot on ANY of the pledge levels in the actual campaign."

Quick, tell me, where do I sign up? Sadly, this fictional project will no doubt become a reality, and in the process the Kickstarter serpent will begin to eat its tail. The end of Kickstarter as we know it is nigh. [XKCD]



I'm actually very curious about what safeguard there are for consumers. Like if I put together a kickstarter, raised $5 million, and then I skipped town. What kind of protections are there for all those people who pledged everything from $1 or $2 all the way up to hundreds?