Kill Gadget Germs Dead With Violight's Snake-Oil UV Light Sanitizer

From the same company that makes toothbrush sanitizers comes the gadget sanitizer—seen here rinsing an iPhone with UV light to kill all the nasty germs living on it.


Sounds like one of those devices that no-one really needs, right? I mean, you could just use a sanitizing hand wipe or something—or even put up with the germs. They're not going to kill you, after all. There's a good chance it might ward off a cold or two though, so for that I'd give it a chance.

It works with more than iPhones, fitting most phones, MP3 players and even Bluetooth headsets, and will be on sale in October for $50 for all Howard Hughes-ites. [<a href="

">Violight via Gearlog via OhGizmo]


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