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Killer Robots Go on a Mysterious Rampage in the First Trailer for Kill Command

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You know, sometimes you just can’t beat a good, creepy “robot goes bonkers and kills a bunch of freaked-out humans” movie. Kill Command definitely has that going for it, as well as having some really awesome-looking robot war machines.

A new scifi horror movie written and directed by Steven Gomez, Kill Command follows a cyborg (played by Vanessa Kirby) who can seemingly talk to these military robots—even after they go haywire—and a squad of marines tasked to protect her as they navigate their way around a training facility on an abandoned island. An island that is, no doubt, teeming with extremely hostile robots.

The premise isn’t exactly original (there’s something almost very Predator-ish about the tone) but it looks really neat. Those robots, dripping in the blood of what was presumably the human staff on the island, look fantastic and just the right amount of freaky to give this a nifty scifi/horror vibe.


No word on a US release date yet, but Kill Command hits theaters in the UK on May 13th.

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