Illustration for article titled Kingmax Announces 4GB Capacity on a Tiny MicroSDHC Card

Kingmax has discovered how to make twice as many fairies dance on the head of a pin, shoehorning 4GB of data onto a microSDHC flash memory card, a first. This is simply amazing. Just look at that size comparison I've made above—a credit card looks like it's the size of a billboard next to a microSD card. When you hold one of them in your hand, it's hard to believe it can even store 1GB on its form factor that's barely the size of a baby's fingernail, much less 4GB.

There was no mention of price or release date, but the anouncement added that the dual-channel card uses Samsung's 63nm process, and will rock a read speed of 22.5MB per second. It wasn't too long ago that this sort of throughput was only possible with a 20-pound disk array.


Press Release [Kingmax, via TrustedReviews]

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