Kingston MobileLite G2 Card Reader Protects Your Cards Like They're Delicate Flowers

Kingston's followup to its MobileLite, the MobileLite G2, brings a new, dual-slider design that aims to protect your SD/HC and microSD/HC cards from harm. It's the most caring card reader on the market.


The MobileLite G2 features a dual-slider design: On one side lies the USB plug, and on the other, the card readers. Both sides, when slid outwards, protect what's within. It sounds kind of complicated, but isn't too hard to use, though it certainly requires more steps than a typical card reader. To insert a card, you push the card reader side toward the middle, revealing the slot for your card. After your card is safely in its slot, you extend that side back out again, protecting the cards (or not, you can leave them unprotected if you're some kind of negligent owner). Then, push the USB side in, revealing the USB jack, and plug it into your computer.

It does sound a little complicated when I explain it, but really it's pretty simple: Both the card side and the USB side extend to cover their respective delicate bits. (Note: The first person to say "foreskin" will be either banned or promoted, I haven't decided which). Unfortunately, the MobileLite G2 only supports SD/HC, microSD/HC and Memory Stick Duo, not CompactFlash, which is a bummer. But it's given an MSRP of $11, and it could well retail for less. It's a pretty handy little gadget to have around, that's for sure, and it should be available later this week. [Kingston]

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