Around this time of year, you'll probably notice that your late-night cable starts getting dominated by endless reruns of Love Actually. While it's undoubtedly a good Christmas flick, by this stage you can probably recite every Hugh Grant one-liner by heart. So, this Winter Solstice, celebrate with something a little less clichéd.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is Robert Downey Jr. at his best: irreverent comedy in a dark, twisted buddy-cop film, with just enough Santa hats thrown in to qualify as a Christmas movie. In short, it's the story of petty thief (played by Downey, of course), masquerading as an actor, being trained by Val Kilmer in the role of an upstanding detective.


Throw in Michelle Monaghan as the high-school sweetheart, and you have the perfect antithesis to the Christmas carols that I'm already sick of. It's $3 on the movie-streaming site of your choice so, although it means you'll have to pay actual money to enjoy your Saturday night, is far cheaper than having to rebuild your soul after listening to Love Actually's accents for another 90 minutes.