Klipsch's Gallery G-17 Air Makes AirPlay Fashionable

Illustration for article titled Klipschs Gallery G-17 Air Makes AirPlay Fashionable

The new Airplay-enabled Gallery G-17 Air is a stereo soundbar that could fit in fairly seamlessly into your room's setup. Equipped with two Tractrix-horned 10 watt tweeters and dual 20 watt woofers, it offers a decent streaming experience for your aural needs.


The unit also comes with USB and 3.5mm inputs for whenever you want to connect something that isn't Apple-related. It even comes with its own remote. Attractive and reasonably powerful, you can check them out this fall for a pricey $530. [Klipsch via Engadget]

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Looks fantastic. Like a musical Kinect. If I could somehow justify this $350 expense to the wife, I might just take this for a spin. Any suggestions on how to approach the justification?